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Buy unitree a1 quadruped explorer Robot

Quadruped Robots Rent

A four-legged robotic dog that can perform several movements

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Service Description

Friendly User Interface The user PC can directly connect the robot's built-in dual main control and bottom controller with EthernetConvenient for real-time data transmission such as visual perceptionAccess to lower-level control. It can read and control all motors and sensors of the robot in real time. Easy to use open source robot algorithm directly Access to high-level control. It can directly send high-level movement commands such as forward, backward, left and right movements to the robot Vision-based Autonomous Object Tracking Realtime tracking of objects within visual range. Support online machine learning of the target features. Displaying the confidence of tracking using color box (green → red, 100% → 0%) Patented Power System The ultimate power system brings excellent performance, which is perfect of all kinds of robot competitions. Crucial for high-speed running. Excellent Motion Stability Advanced dynamic balancing algorithm enables A1 to quickly reach balance in different situations like impact or fall. Higher Running Speed Maximum continuous outdoor running speed at 3.3m/s (11.88km/h). The fastest and most stable small and medium sized quadruped robot on the market. (World Record: 3.7m/s on a treadmill by MIT) With the potential to be a great jogging companion.

Contact Details

+971 4 587 6919

Action To Action Robotics, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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