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Robotics Service Center

Providing robotics technical support, repairs, and a service center is one of the most important elements of our business, our objective is to make sure you have the support and trust to use robotics and automation technology provided and supported by Action To Action robotics service center in Dubai UAE.

We believe robotics and automation services are an excellent value to our customer

Our Robotics Automation Value-Added Services (RAVAS) are performed to meet customer demands. These can be activities performed on a robot or an automation solution before the product is delivered to the customer or a provided service that is performed at the customer site. RAVAS is performed in the service center on an ad hoc basis.

The Robotics and Automation value-added services are defined by Action To Action market leadership vision and a strong, collaborative partnership between the support team and the end-user businesses. Our RAVAS is not organic - it takes planning and effort to achieve that level of advanced service, cooperation, credibility, and collaboration.

Robotics Onsite Robot Support

How about having one of our senior engineers present at your premises to help and train your team about the robot, this is how best-in-class service is provided and it is how Action To Action supports its customers. ​ Action To Action service center proved technical support,  online and remote troubleshooting, on-site service, and workshop repair. ​

Robots Service and repair Robots Maintenance
Service Automation programming & development

Advanced Technology Support

Advanced technical service and support, all product and application support, is available on request and provided in line with the solution implemented wither by calling us, E-mail inquiry, or even a simple WhatsApp message. ​ We are proud of the recommendation and the recognition that we got for our Robotics service from our customers, technology partners, and vendors.

Robotics Repair & Spaierparts

No one likes downtime and we know that having standby robots and service parts available will mean our customers business is always running, that's why subject to availability we offer standby units to our customers at the same time we offer onsite repairs to reduce robotics down time. ​

Maintaining a Robot
Help Center

Online & Remote Assistance

No worries if you have your enginers on-site and need our team's remote assistance we will be delighted to provide it at no additional cost provided the robotic solution you have is purchased from Action To Action all you need to do is mention the invoice number and the call center will direct you to an available engineer.

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