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Underwater Electric Sea Scooter - Explore Infinity
Seabow, the most powerful underwater scooter, is coming! 3 speeds up to 2m/s, 40m depth, max 75 mins battery life and extendable
to underwater photography platform. It's also the world's first dual-motor underwater scooter that supports one-handed operation,
giving you maximum flexibility in the water.


Capture amazing sights without boundaries
The underwater photography platform allows for mounts and accessories so that underwater photographic equipment is no longer a
burden, freeing you to record more memories.


A stylish DPV, this sublue navbow underwater scooter can help anyone swim like how dolphins do. The neat and integrated sea scooter design that looks like an aircraft is available in flame red and active green color with a contrast of black. This water scooter underwater move as fast as 6ft per second, or 4.47 mph on turbo speed thanks to its dual built-in propellers for as long as 45 minutes! Underwater scooter doesn’t only make your diving faster, but water scooter also keeps your energy levels up to let you explore the sea for more extended periods. The navbow motor scooter for adults can be controlled with one single hand, so you can continue moving while you're taking a picture of that turtle. Check your battery, speed, and running time on sea scooter underwater OLED display. Don't worry about running out of battery, the navbow sea scooter for adults will vibrate and its OLED display will flash to warn you to come back up.


The sublue navbow sea scooter for kids will become your best asset when taking pictures or shooting videos. With 2 camera mounts, this motor scooter delivers special design stability for the best shots. You can also mount a tray on top of the under the sea scooter and use the bottom mount for light.

Underwater Electric Sea Scooter

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