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Smart Service Cart is a new product it is a Cabinet type of Mobile Robot. Multifunctional Professional Service Robot. You can use it in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, Bistro, Fast Food, Pizzeria, Offices, and so on.

Smart Delivery Robot
Scenarios: Inventory, Warehouse, Supermarket,
Factory, Shopping Centers, Kitchens, Hospitals etc.
Navigation Lidar SLAM - Required: 4G or 5G Wifi connection
Ambient Temperature: -10-40℃ - Shape: Square
Color: Black or Customized - Battery 24V20Ah
Size: 1060x600x450 - Weight: 50Kg
Speed: 0-0.7m/s - Max Load: 30Kg
Screen Size: 10.1inch - Position Precision: 50mm
Charging Time: 8 Hours -Self-Recharge: Once the time set,
automatically moves back to the charging pile
Driving Type: Wheels Differential - Tablet: Portable remote control
Work: Hour Over 12 hours - Tray: Double trays removable
Material: Metal Plate - Certificates: CE Approved
Warranty: 12 months


Smart Delivery Robot For Services

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