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ISS Intelligent Concomitant System New Unitree Robotics

Adopt patented wireless vector positioning and control technology


The robot is in the person's lateral peripheral vision, it is better than the conventional follow mode with natural human-computer interaction, safe and secure.

No need to always look back and worry about whether the robot is lost or encounters obstacles.

When the environment is complex, people can actively choose a simpler route to help the robot pass.


Robust and Reliable Powertrain

Flexible and Adaptive Joints

The new patented design of ultra-lightweight low-noise long-life power joints.

Body/Thigh Joint C1-8: 520g 23.70N.m (MAX).

Knee Joint C1-8×1.5 ratio 35.55N.m (MAX).

A patented heat pipe-assisted heat dissipation system is built into the vicinity of the knee joint motor.


Go1 with Built-in Super AI Hash Rate

Total: 16-core top CPU + GPU (384Core, 1.5TFLOPS)

Reference, NVIDIA TX2 only has CPU (4 cores) + GPU (256Core, 1.3TFLOPS), and the unit price of the chip is 3000+ RMB.

New Unitree Robotics Go1 Bionic Quadruped Robot

    NAO Robot For Robotics Learning And Rese
    Free Robotics Demo For B2B Action To Action Robotics & AI

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