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NAO is still the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. The robot creates a unique human-robot interaction experience and is a renowned teaching aid for use in areas such as robotics, systems and control, and computer sciences. Use NAO to explore programming, sensors, interaction with people and the environment, and much more.

NAO Robot SoftBank is capable of autonomous movement and can converse with anyone as well as identify objects and interact with its environment. Anyone can write the programs that let NAO know what you want it to do, the graphical interface of the Choregraphe software.

Students can explore event-based, sequential, or parallel programming using the configurable behaviour boxes. You can also create your own behaviors, as well as using Python to write more complex scripts.

NAO robot can be programmed by either connecting an Ethernet cable between the robot and your computer, or via a WiFi connection. The software suite is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Note: Please note that these robots can only be supplied to educational establishments.

  • Robot supplied with 2-year warranty
  • NAO robot stands 58cm tall and is packed full of technology
  • Humanoid body with 25 degrees of freedom for realistic movement
  • 1-Year maintenance extension available


NAO can only be supplied to schools, colleges, and universities.

NAO Robot SoftBank

    NAO Robot For Robotics Learning And Rese
    Free Robotics Demo For B2B Action To Action Robotics & AI

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