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Free Robotics Demo For B2B Action To Action Robotics & AI

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Full-Chain Self-Developed AI Technology Head It has a 10.1 inches ultra-high-definition screen, which integrates a camera module, microphone, speaker, and Sim card slot.


The entire host is supported by a 270° freely rotating tripod head Intelligent Reception Robot-Head Brain Using 64-bit 4-core ARMCortex-A35, integrated high-performance CODEC, 8-channel ADC + 2-channel DAC. Greeting Robot-Brain Eye The whole body contains 1 twelve million pixel camera, 1 wide-angle color camera, 2 RGBD depth cameras, and 1 wide-angle fisheye camera. It fully demonstrates the robot's visual recognition and detection capabilities.


Greeting Robot-Eye Mouth Equipped with high-quality audio speakers in the industry, it supports female and child voices, and produces a warm sound close to real person.


Greeting Robot-Mouth Ear 6-microphone ring array, 360-degree far and near field pickup, 150 million real sound experiments.


Greeting Robot-Ear Leg Stable and solid chassis, 8-inch wheels, fusion of multiple sensors, autonomous VSLAM algorithm, obstacle avoidance navigation, accurate positioning, and long battery life.


Greeting Robot-Leg Auto Recharge, Cycling Services Low Battery Auto Recharge If the battery is less than 10%, robot will automatically find a charging pole to charge it.


Recharge Timer Recharge timer can be set from 23:00 to 7:00. Working While Charging When charging, interactions such as consultation and question answering can be conducted normally.



Robot Side And Remote Monitoring

Supervisor or administrator can view the current character status of the robot on the Platform, give instructions according to site requirements by remote video monitoring, and answer questions by listening to the guest's speech


Mini Program Smart Control

User can control robot remotely through Mini Program. Current location and task will be displayed in real-time on the mobile phone, and the user can control the robot to return to the reception point and autonomous charging. It is convenient for users to acquire information of the current situation


Cloud Knowledge Base Call

The robot provides a large number of common scenarios including business Q&A, product introduction, entertainment jokes promotional words, and so on. Enterprise-level knowledge base can be called quickly and supports real-time updates.

Intelligent Reception Robot

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    Free Robotics Demo For B2B Action To Action Robotics & AI

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