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The Intelligent Marketing Robot Advertisement Robot can act as "visitor reception managers" in commercial areas, office areas, and other areas where a large number of people enter and exit, realizing standardized and efficient access management and security management functions.


The mobile infrared temperature measuring gate robots are developed and deployed for epidemic prevention and control solutions, and can quickly and accurately complete group and individual temperature screening in crowded scenes, covering large areas with high flow and ultra-dense.


Visitor management:Visitor records & Report,Appointment & Register,through WeChat
Quick call: Quick call for interviewed employees
Information Inquiry: Settled enterprise search
Temperature detection: Rapidly detect temperature, record and save information
Security monitoring:24 hours video monitoring
Advertisement: Photo or video advertising


Operating system: Android 7.1 operating system and above.
Machine size:592mm*440mm*1475mm
Net weight:40KG
Power Supply:AC100-120V 50Hz/60Hz 2.0|AC200-240V 50Hz/60Hz 1.0A
Maximum Power:200W
Network mode: Wired/WIFI/4G (4G option)
Eye Expressions: LED Full Color Dynamic Light Effect
Pickup mode: Linear four-microphone array, effective recognition distance within 3m
Voice over: Support for converting text content to voice playback
Face recognition: Support face attribute detection function, effective recognition distance within 1.5 meters
Security Monitoring: 4 megapixel star-grade camera
Horizontal monitoring angle 84°, vertical monitoring angle 44.8°
Minimum illuminationï¼?.0018Lux @(F1.6,AGC ON),0 Lux with IR

Infrared thermal imaging
Thermal imaging: 160*120
Lens: focal length 3mm, f1.1, viewing angle 50°*37.2°
Temperature measurement range: 30~45â„?br data-mce-fragment="1">Temperature measurement accuracy: without black body ±0.5â„? with black body ±0.3â„?(black body optional)

Touchscreen: 15.6-inch, 10-point touch, full view, 16:9 ratio, 1920*1080 resolution
Display: 27 inches, full view, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920*1080 resolution

Two-dimensional code scanner: support for one-dimensional, two-dimensional code, recognition accuracy �5 mil, the best reading distance 50-100mm
Voucher printer (optional): built-in 58mm thermal printer with automatic paper cutting function
Card issuer (optional): supports reading and writing of IC and RF cards, the maximum capacity of card issuing box is 150 cards (card thickness 0.76mm).
IP telephone switch (optional): connects to the telephone network, supports up to 20 IP extensions

Intelligent Marketing Robot Advertisement Robot

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    Free Robotics Demo For B2B Action To Action Robotics & AI

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