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Action To Action Robotics Artelligence Robotics Partner

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Khaleej Times is delighted to announce Action To Action Robotics as our Robotics Partner at Artelligence - The Artificial Intelligence Forum 2022, an in-person event, to be held on 20th September!

Action To Action Robotics & automation company is a technology solution provider in the MEA Region having an advanced disruptive technology experience center in Dubai - UAE. Some of the latest Humanoid #robotics and advanced technology at the Robots experience center is shown daily to businesses exploring the opportunities to improve business performance using robotics and automation technology.

Artificial Intelligence is not a hype anymore but a necessity and its applications are fast being considered and implemented across organizations in the Middle East compared all to the other emerging technologies out there.

The biggest push during the current scenario from government bodies and leaders across the region is toward Digital Transformation, do we thank COVID for this? Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer in the global economy as rightly mentioned by many high-profile experts. AI has massive potential and is estimated to contribute $15.7 trillion to the economy in 2030.

It can fundamentally create several new services and business models and opportunities. AI can also create new jobs, and we have seen this in the first wave of digitization. This year’s in-person edition of Artelligence Forum will take the conversation ahead and give you unrestricted access to next-level actionable strategies and tactics that will bring your AI implementation plans to life.

From keynotes and case studies to workshops, roundtables, live Q&A’s, and polling, the event is personalized to provide engaging content from industry leaders. Join tens of thousands of engineers, scientists, developers, analysts, and leaders as we shape the future of big data, analytics, and AI.

Witness the highest caliber of #AI talent engage with a thriving global AI community. Register Today:

Action To Action Robotics Artelligence Event Partner


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