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The Rise of Robots in UAE: From Fighting Fires to Performing Surgery

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

These machines can wait tables, dance, and even turn into robocops

Media source Khaleej Times by Anjana Sankar Published: Tue 28 Jun 2022, 7:22 PM

The Rise of Robots in UAE: From Fighting Fires to Performing Surgery

It is easy to mistake Cizar for a tall, good-looking Emirati receptionist who is eager to help. At six feet tall and with a sturdy physique covered in a white Kandoora and headdress, Cizar looks every bit cut from the same cloth as any other human being. He can hold the other end of a conversation well, respond to all your questions, and can even get angry or upset. He is the first UAE-made humanoid robot that is ready for commercial use.

Action to Action Robotics, the Dubai-based company that launched the humanoid robot last month, and named it after their company CEO, says it is the first in the region ready for production.

“The parts are manufactured in different parts of the world, but we assembled it in our R&D center in Dubai,” said Rami Kabani, General Manager, MENA.

“What we see in exhibitions are prototypes. But this humanoid is ready for sale and we can take orders and delivery as many of these as per requirements,” Kabani told Khaleej Times.

Cizar can be a receptionist, a secretary, a teller in a bank, a news reader, or even a security guard. “He can be anything that you want him to be. He is intelligent, is capable of machine learning, and can speak multiple languages including English, Arabic, Chinese or Russian.”

Robots Making a Splash in the UAE

Robots are making a splash in the UAE. They are not out there for world domination as some 1980s sci-fi movies had us believe. Instead, they are brewing coffees and busting crimes, delivering food, dousing fire from burning buildings - and even game to get down and groove.

These mean machines are at your beck and call - at restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, conferences, and even at police stations. Highly skilled and sophisticated, robots are helping companies serve their customers better and quicker, and of course, giving their human counterparts a run for their money.

With the UAE all pumped to become an innovative economy leading in AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics, robots are taking on a growing range of professional tasks across various sectors in the country.

The Rise of Robots in UAE: From Fighting Fires to Performing Surgery:

Robots that serve

Robots were introduced as a fad in some retail outlets in the UAE a few years ago. But the service industry has warmed up to having robots to replace waiters and salesmen to serve customers. Currently, there are several outlets in the country where robots serve customers.

Robocops & firefighting robots

In May 2017, Dubai Police employed the world’s first operational robot policeman, who officially joined the line of duty and greeted guests at the opening of the 4th Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC).

Robots as public servants

Various government sectors in the UAE are using robots to offer a seamless customer experience. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (formerly known as Emirates Identity Authority) launched the robot Hamad to serve customers in its happiness centers all over the country.

Robots as surgeons

Healthcare is one sector where robotics is already making a difference. In the UAE, the Ministry of Health and Prevention declared the launch of its first robot to conduct catheterization and cardiac surgeries, all through computerised systems, as far back as 2014. The system was installed in Al Qasimi Hospital to start the first surgery in June of the same year.

Robots for rents in UAE

According to industry experts, a cross-section of industries is using robots as promoters in exhibitions, at restaurants, and at even as attractions at parties.

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